New Changes to Outlook 2007
Have you recently had problems with your HTML email rendering incorrectly? If so, make sure to read our Outlook 2007 Update PDF.

SPEED is the Name of the Game
Don't wait in line when you want your message to go out NOW!! New upgrades make your message go out faster than ever.

Unattended Sending
The latest update to our system includes the automatic progressing of the sending process. This allows unattended processing of the sending of your email marketing campaign.

This is another example of system improvements achieved through our 'Suggestion Box' by our users. Thank you so much for your input and making Mail-bots a stronger, easier-to-use application.

The Mail-bots Crew

Built-in Spam Testing
Make sure your message is delivered. New tool looks for red flags in email projects.

A new tool in the war against the Spam Filters has been added to the Mail-bots' toolbox. Now you can test your project against an array of spam filtering techniques. The results point out areas of improvement and your potential score from a company's filtering software.

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