FAQ - (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is MAIL-BOTS?
    MAIL-BOTS is a dynamic mass email program designed to assist businesses and other organizations in making the most of electronic communication.
  • Does MAIL-BOTS send HTML formatted Email?
    Yes. MAIL-BOTS sends both HTML and Text email within the same message. By sending both formats MAIL-BOTS eliminates the need to manage seperate HTML and Text client databases. The client's E-Mail software will simply decide which format it can display.
  • Does MAIL-BOTS offer any tracking or statistical data?
    Yes. MAIL-BOTS offers a complete set of tracking tools, including link click-thru rates, messages viewed, failed deliverys (due to invalid email addresses) and customer removals. As well as a project to project comparisons, and global statistics.
  • How much does MAIL-BOTS cost?
    MAIL-BOTS pricing is extremely competitive, please contact us for pricing options and plans.
  • Can I use my own custom message?
    Yes. The ability to upload your own custom HTML message is supported. MAIL-BOTS also offers a template based system. The template allows for a custom header image and color scheme.